Sunday, May 17, 2015

EPScrete Block Plant

Wrapping up the work on the block plant and the block making process for making the basic building component of our dwellings: a super-insulating screen-grid ICF wall system made from 87% post consumer waste using primarily local resources such as waste styrofoam, sand, and recycled PVA (latex paint).  This system uses a self-consolidating grout with steel fiber to produce an extremely strong structure with minimal process complexity.   

All equipment and mix design was designed, engineered and fabricated by the LivingStructure crew....possibly a new line of business of manufacturing the site technology for builders to produce their own low cost, high performing and environmentally responsible building component.  

It took approximately four months to go from design and fabrication of the machinery and molds to the production of blocks.

The BaseBlock EPScrete hydraulic mixer is equipped with a digital scale for process control (PV panel charges the scale's battery).

The Hydraulic Power Pack that runs everything:

EPS Grinder for converting waste styrofoam to EPS aggregate:

Grinder head

Still working out the details for an adjustable hopper. 

The DIY thermoforming machine that produces the plastic molds.

Released from molds after 12 hrs

Finished product after 24hrs:

EPScrete blocks at work on one of our dwellings:

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